The Best Back Ever:

Stay younger and ache-free with this simple and effective back pain relief course

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Modern living causes most people to have achy and uncomfortable backs and necks and poor rounded posture. In this course, Andy takes you step by step, in 11 simple lessons, through the basic movements needed for you to feel younger and more able. Three simple guided mini workouts are also provided for you to follow and enjoy.

Taught by renowned registered osteopath Andy Breakspear, this is an easy beginner’s therapeutic exercise course for you to do at home. Created specifically to help people like you stay feeling younger and more able and to get rid of tiring backache and to feel stronger. This tried and tested course has helped countless people already, to safely and easily get back and spine pain-free and to move more freely

Andy is a fully qualified and extensively experienced practitioner and international lecturer who teaches therapeutic exercise not only to patients but also other osteopaths, doctors, physiotherapists, and fitness professionals.

This course is not a big time commitment, is easy to do, and gets powerful and real results. It is designed to help you feel younger and more able, so that you can more readily enjoy your family, friends and leisure activities and also get better sleep. The exercises in this course are prescribed and taught to you so that you are not left lost and unsure what to do. We make it easy for you to start feeling better.

Start your journey to feeling younger with Your Best Back Ever. The only thing people are left wishing is that they had done it before!

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DISCLAIMER:  The exercise guidance and advice presented in these classes are in no way meant to replace medical consultation. Breakspear Osteopathy and Pilates disclaims any liability from and in connection with the classes. Read full disclaimer here